The Sumas commitment to safety along with cost effective pricing makes Sumas a leader in the Industrial and Environmental Services field. Since 1995, Sumas has been offering a diverse range of services that include, but are not limited to: Hazardous Waste Services, Vacuum Truck and Hydrovac Services, Industrial Services and Tank Cleaning, Site Remediation & Soil Disposal. Each of these services will be discussed separately. Here are some of the highlights of our services:

Soil Treatment & Disposal

Available both on and off site, Sumas specializes in materials handling, treatment, and final disposal of contaminated soil at our own treatment facilities.

Storage Tank Decommissioning

This includes the removal and disposal of residual waste in the tanks (by Sumas owned vacuum trucks), the excavation and removal of the tank, as well as the cleaning and disposal of the tank. We can also accommodate instances where contaminants may be discovered.

Vacuum Trucks

Sumas operates our own vacuum trucks to remove and transport liquid and semi-solid waste materials (both hazardous and non-hazardous). The trucks are also used during industrial cleaning and high pressure washing of industrial equipment and storage tanks.

Biocell Construction & Management

Bioremediation cells can be created based on client needs and based on the type of contaminant that requires remediation.

Soil Stabilization

Sumas utilizes a pre-treatment process as well as evaluation of treatment mix designs in our own labs with the end result allowing for disposal in class II landfills – greatly reducing the cost of final remediation.


Sumas has the knowledge and the equipment necessary to dewater any water or waste-water sludge and to discharge it safely into the environment.

Water Treatment Systems

We maintain and operate a fully permitted water treatment system at our Burnaby facility. We also own and maintain a variety of on-site water treatment equipment that can be mobilized to your site quickly and efficiently.

Equipment Supply & Rental

Sumas offers a wide range of equipment for rental or sale, from pumps to filters to tanks and more. See our equipment page for a full list of available equipment.