Sumas Environmental Services Inc. (Sumas) operates its own vacuum trucks to efficiently and cost effectively remove and transport liquid and semi solid waste materials (both hazardous and non-hazardous) from excavation, surface impoundment, dip tanks, chemical and fuel storage tanks, and other vessels. We also provide cleanup and sludge removal services for sumps and interceptors on a as needed or milk run basis.

Sumas’ vacuum trucks are used in remediation work such as removal of fuels and sludge, drilling mud, excavation dewatering, and waste water removal. The content (wastewater, fuel, semi-solid waste, etc.) is transported to Sumas owned facilities for further treatment and/or disposal. The trucks are also used during industrial cleaning and high pressure washing of industrial equipment and chemical and fuel storage tanks

Sumas’s fleet of trucks include wet/dry straight vacs, wet/dry Hydrovacs, dry Hydrovacs.