Sumas Environmental Services Inc. (Sumas), has been assisting Western Canadian businesses with managing their industrial waste streams and hazardous waste. Fortune 500 corporations, municipal, provincial, and federal government agencies, and small companies continue to rely on Sumas’ turnkey waste management and disposal services. We assist clients in all aspects of hazardous waste management including:

  • Corporate and facility wide on-site waste management system implementation and supervision,
  • In-house chemical analysis for waste identification and characterization,
  • Preparation of required documentation including waste profiles, manifests, and container labels,
  • Waste removal and transportation.

Treatment & Disposal


Waste disposal including recycling, fuel recovery, incineration, and landfill disposal, at one of our own facilities or at third party facilities, and

Supply of drums, overpacks, vermiculite, absorbents, etc. for waste packing and removal.

  • Waste treatment and disposal – organic
  • Waste treatment and disposal – inorganic,
  • Alternative fuel recycling,
  • Household hazardous waste,
  • Solvent recycling,
  • Compressed gas cylinders and aerosol recycling.

Acids & Alkalies Neutralization And Treatment

Sumas maintains and operates a fully permitted neutralization system at its Burnaby facility. The facility neutralizes acids/alkalines, followed by metal precipitation, sludge dewatering and stabilization.

Water & Wastewater Treatment


2. Wastewater RecievingSumas maintains and operates a fully permitted water treatment system at its Burnaby facility. The Burnaby water treatment system can effectively treat and remove a variety of contaminants from hydrocarbons to heavy metals in water and wastewater. Sumas provides our clients with competitive pricing for the off site treatment and disposal of contaminated water, which eliminates the often complicated process of obtaining a site-specific discharge permit.

System components include gravity phase separation, filter press, pH adjustment, heavy metal floculation and settling, and carbon filtration, upon completion of treatment and confirmatory analysis, the water is discharged to the GVRD Sanitary Sewer. The discharge is monitored on a regular basis and fully permitted by the GVRD.

Lab-Packing Of Hazardous Waste


Sumas has the proven capability to develop programs for the implementation and operation of HHW programs. The program is coordinated with Sumas’s regional treatment facility to provide the highest level of service including safe and efficient transportation, prompt acceptance and management of waste, and the highest feasible level of recycling, reuse and treatment available. Sumas services can include:

  • Supply, purchase and delivery of all supplies required for startup and on-going operation including: drums, absorbents, labels, sorting tables, unloading carts, safety equipment, etc.
  • Technical personnel to assist in the labpacking of waste at collection site, or on a scheduled basis within client’s facility.
  • Training of client staff in topics such as HHW hazards, waste sorting, packaging, health and safety, labpack protocols, transportation and paperwork requirements.
  • Scheduled pickup of waste from municipal or privately operated facility for recycling, treatment and disposal. Supplies such as drums and absorbents can be supplied at the same time.